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(image source: Mysterybayfarm.com)

Somerville, 2080: Most residents tend community gardens, raise goats and chickens.
(source: Jennifer Mazer)

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Introduction to the 2080s-2100

The brief era of peace and stability that began in the 2070s has come to an end. Major floods force residents of the surrounding region to relocate to Peninsular City (the name of the city created when Somerville, Cambridge, Charlestown and part of Medford combined in the 2050s). As a result, the city becomes densely populated.

In spite of these upheavals, Peninsular City continues to grow its own crops. In the last 30 years, city farmers have increased their yield to the point that they are now food self-sufficient.

This time period also sees the beginning of the Green Line extension project again.

Having dealt with the rapid influx of new residents in the 2080s, Peninsular City once again experiences a period of peace. In fact, during the 2090s, absolutely nothing occurs.

Two-thirds of all people worldwide now live in cities. Temperatures have risen roughly six degrees in the past 100 years; among other things, this has led to a change in the pH of the oceans, and the extinction or near extinction of 12% of the world's birds.

Peninsular City's rising floodwaters of the 2070s are channeled into planned waterways. Gondoliering becomes a Peninsular City tradition, causing a second annual holiday (Gondo Fest) to join the Fluff Fest in citizens' hearts, minds, and calendars.

And those who live in what was once Somerville says hello to a new century, full of hope.