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- 2079

(image source: Emily Arkin)

Somerville Holarmory, 2074: The Somerville Arts Council mounts an art show that projects memories from the recently deceased.
(source: Emily Arkin)

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Introduction to the 2070s

The 2070s begin an era of peace and stability that are very welcome after the upheavals of the last 70 years. Artificially intelligent machines, long smarter than the average human, finally begin to take an interest in the arts; the recently-reopened Peninsular City Arts Council accepts its first artificially-intelligent board member. (Peninsular City is the name of the city created when Somerville, Cambridge, Charlestown and part of Medford combined in the 2050s.) The dead also become involved in culture. The Armory hosts an art show involving the projection of memories of recently deceased people.