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- 2069

(image source: Google Street View and London's Daily Mail)

Magoun Square, 2064: Aliens land.
(source: Rachel Strutt)

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Introduction to the 2060s

The recession that began in the 2050s continues to hit the city hard. The DPW goes bankrupt, and Davis Square is taken over by the goats and cows that the city keeps for mowing and trash collection. Alien spacecraft land in Magoun Square; their pilots are hostile at first, but soon become proud residents. Another new resident is a recently brought-to-life Shakespeare, one of the first beneficiaries of the new reanimation technology. He tries to make a name for himself in his new surroundings by writing poorly-crafted graphic novels.

The Urban Ring Line opens again, as does a new Purple Line to Waltham, both of which cut through Peninsular City (the name of the city created when Somerville, Cambridge, Charlestown and part of Medford combined in the 2050s). Perhaps because of all of the goats, cows, and trash, people look for ways to avoid walking on the ground. Hover cars, which have finally become affordable, become popular. Zip wire technology also makes great strides.

The US slips further from its former position of economic and political domination. India and China have become economic powerhouses, and account for half of the world's GDP.