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Between February 2009 and December 2010, we spoke to hundreds of people about the future. A few dozen of these people were nice enough to make predictions about the future.

Some of these predictions took the form of elaborate short stories, or intricate drawings or maps.

Click on their names to see what these participants submitted to the project. (Note: to see these predictions in context, click on "Timeline & findings", above.)

Adam Olenn
Alain Jehlen
Alana Kumbier
Alex Pirie
Amara Good
Andrew Lynch
Auditi Guha
Ayanna B
Bambi Good
Ben Husk
Bill Rankin
Bill Ritchotte
Columbine Phoenix
Emily Arkin
Hannah Beynon Strutt
Heather Berlowitz
Heather Pena
Jay O'Grady
Jenn Harrington
Jennifer Mazer
Jessica Straus
Jim H.
Josh Burchord
Julia Fairclough
Karen Krolak
Lauren Schumacher
Lawrence Paolella
Linda Frye Burnham
Linda Haviland Conte
Louis Epstein
Maureen Barillaro
Neil Horsky
Pam Summa
Paul Johns
Rachel Strutt
Robin Wilcox
Sandra Day Smith
Seth Itzkan
Stacy Hill and Erin Leiman
Steven Popkes
Ted Bach
The Dan Crary Fan Club
Tim Devin
"Tinkerbell's human companion"
Wesley Heidi
and a number of Anonymous people


In 2080:

-Hi Alicia, do you want some nettle tea?

Alicia answers yes please. Grandma Elena serves Mystic harbor snails to go with the tea.

-You wanted to know more about my past. You know of course it wasn't like now. As you know, Boston and Cambridge were actual cities. And Somerville had less people because no one had relocated here from the drowned cities. Somerville had less space for gardens because people used oil driven vehicles. Can you
imagine that?

-What a waste of oil…

-Yes…And I remember the first years we nearly starved. Floods all the time. But we adapted to the wetter climate and the heat. We had set up an emergency committee but we had a hard time with the new diseases. You had malaria when you were little…

-Thankfully I don't remember…Nicer subject-the community gardens are awesome!

-Yes! And the chickens and goats! [Elena laughs]. It was a great challenge changing our ways to be a self sufficient community.

-I'm glad the neighborhood has some horses. And blacksmithing [her vocation].

-Oh I liked the do it yourself bike shops and the long walks.

-Grandma, do you miss anything?

-The cinema. But we started making our own plays. And the music? We just made our own instruments and learned from the books.

-What do you like the most?

-After all these years? [smiles] Waking up to roosters, having my own garden, and being a doctor. Oh-it's sundown. Contradance tonight! [teasing]-you like anyone yet?

-Grandma, no! I just like talking with everyone. I've enjoyed talking with you-you're so busy being a doctor.

Elena cleans the dishes with filtered rainwater from the tub outside the window.

-Well here come the neighbors. We can all walk together to the Hall.

(source: Jennifer Mazer)