tim devin

How to be an artist and a parent?

Who knows? Let's figure it out.

Being a parent is pretty challenging. And raising a kid while trying to be an artist/writer/you-name-it can feel pretty overwhelming- especially when you throw in Boston's insanely high cost of living.

But artists are creative people. Maybe if we get together and talk and listen, we can find ways to support each other. Maybe we can focus some of our creative energy on the problems that all parents face, and find some solutions. Maybe we can make it easier for ourselves in the process, and for other artist/parents down the road.

"How to be an artist and a parent?" is a series of discussion events and an online forum that Greg Cook and I organized to get this conversation going. It's one of the groups that came out of Getting by in Boston, which is a forum for artists to discuss how to get by in our expensive town (which I also helped start).

Location: Boston MA

Date: 2015

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