tim devin

55 Norfolk St.

A tiny, one-floor storefront near Cambridge's busy Central Sq. has been home to more than its share of radicals & artists. Let's take a look at their world, & see how this one small space made it all possible.

Features stories about 55 Norfolk Street's magical past, including: the Mobius Artists Group. A radical tenants rights group called Eviction Free Zone. Two performance art spaces--Meme, and 55 Norfolk. A couple rent strikes. A maverick gallery run by future-Zeitgeist kingpin Al Nidle. And a politically-radical player-piano-busker known as Piano Dave.

Includes info from interviews with Al Nidle, Alice Vogler, E. Stephen, Jane Wang, Jason Pramas, Mary Regan, Meg Rotzel, Rob Chalfen, and Sandrine Schaefer.

This zine is part of Free the Future Press's "Magical Spaces" series, which takes a look at Boston's DIY and underground cultural spaces--everything from punk basements to artist lofts.

Published by: Free the Future Press

Details: 44 pages. 14 photos. Hot pink cardstock cover, with gray interior pages. 5.5" wide x 8.5" high.

Date: 2021.

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